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Gowdy: ‘There Are Huge Gaps’ in E-mails Clinton’s Turned Over to Benghazi Committee

Representative Trey Gowdy (R., S.C.), chairman of the House committee investigating the 2012 Benghazi attack, said that there are “gaps of months and months and months” in the e-mails that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has handed over to the committee so far.

Gowdy, who has issued a subpoena to the State Department seeking Clinton’s remaining e-mails, told Bob Schieffer on Face the Nation Sunday that “there are huge gaps” in the e-mails she has made available.

“If you think to that iconic picture of her on a C-17 flying to Libya, sunglasses on — she has her hand-held device in her hand — we have no e-mails from that day,” he said. “In fact we have no e-mails from that trip.”

Representative Gowdy said that “it strains credibility” to believe that Clinton would have sent no e-mails relevant to the committee’s investigation on a trip “to Libya to discuss Libyan policy.”

Gowdy added that Clinton herself is not the one who should be making the determination about what e-mails she wants to make subject to records requests, and that at this point a “neutral, detached auditor” ought to do that. “Frankly, I’ve lost confidence in the State Department to make that determination,” he said, noting that the State Department did nothing about the fact that Clinton had illegally concealed her e-mails by exclusively using a private account until the Benghazi committee began requesting them.

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