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Graham Predicts Israel-Iran Conflict in Six Months

Lindsey Graham foresees a potential military engagement between Israel and Iran in the next half-year if the United States addresses the latter country’s pursuit of nuclear weapon in a way similar to how it handled Syria’s use of chemical weapons. To deter Iran’s pursuit of nuclear weapons, the South Carolina senator said he would put together a use-of-force resolution to threaten American military action as a last resort against the country.

“In the next six months, our friends in Israel are going to have to take the Iranians on unless the United States can send a clear signal to Iran unlike we’ve sent to Syria,” Graham told Fox News’s Mike Huckabee over the weekend. “The mixed message and debacle called Syria cannot be repeated when it comes to Iran.”

“I think Republicans, Democrats, libertarians, and vegetarians all believe the Iranians cannot be allowed to get a nuclear weapon,” he said.


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