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Graham Sounds Off on the Floor: ‘Pathetic Leadership’ by Obama, ‘Low Point in My Time’ in Congress

South Carolina senator Lindsey Graham blasted the president for the sequester cuts to defense and their attendant risks to national security on the floor this morning. Graham said President Obama should not have even “considered [the sequester] as an acceptable outcome” as his role as commander-in-chief is to protect Americans. He was also critical of the president’s making a campaign-style visit to Newport News this week rather than working with lawmakers to address the looming cuts, calling it “pathetic leadership by the commander-in-chief.”

Graham laid some of the blame for the sequester on Congress for not acting to replace the cuts to defense, and said that “this is the low point in my time in the United States Congress.” He concluded his speech by saying that if no solution could be reached, then Americans should “fire the politicians, keep the soldiers.”


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