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Graham Takes on Bill Daley, NLRB

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) is furious with the National Labor Relations Board for challenging Boeing’s new production facility in South Carolina.

Graham tells National Review Online that he may attempt to defund the agency for punishing right-to-work states. He also urges White House chief of staff William Daley to defend Boeing’s ability to determine where it manufactures its products.

Graham notes that Daley was on Boeing’s board of directors when it voted unanimously to launch a new final-assembly line for the Dreamliner 787 aircraft in Charleston. That decision irked aerospace workers in Everett, Wash., who promptly filed a complaint, claiming that the move violated the company’s collective-bargaining agreements.

As the NLRB rallies behind workers in Puget Sound, Graham plans to put the heat on Daley. “If the NLRB believes that this was illegal then he should be dismissed,” Graham says. “And if we can’t have this complaint dismissed, I will bring legislation to defund [the NLRB].”

“Unelected bureaucrats are doing the bidding of special-interest groups,” Graham says. “This is going to play out badly for the NLRB and the unions pushing this. The NLRB is trying to have veto power over business decisions.”

“For the complaint to have merit, Mr. Daley would have had to go along with ‘retaliatory action’ by Boeing, or was blissfully ignorant of the situation,” Graham says. “Neither scenario makes sense. Mr. Daley has been a good choice by President Obama and he fully understood, I’m sure, the business wisdom of diversifying Boeing’s assembly capability by coming to South Carolina.”

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