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The Grand Contrivance

I don’t doubt that Jon Huntsman is a talented guy, but his campaign feels like a total consultant and media contrivance. There’s this hilarious bit in Kate Trinko’s report where Huntsman rejects the label “ultimate conservative” that one of his own campaign videos has for him — “I don’t measure it by litmus tests like that.” Even his own campaign material isn’t nuanced enough for him. This is a campaign that may well have the Rudy 2008 experience of desperately looking for a state where it can get traction, and finding none. A poll last week already had him badly underwater in his launch state of New Hampshire — 14 percent of Republicans view him favorably, 36 percent unfavorably. Maybe Romney utterly collapses and the voters of New Hampshire look to Huntsman to pick up the pieces, but it seems extremely unlikely. On his road to nowhere, Rudy was at least leading the polls for a while.


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