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Grand Misunderstanding

Another train/booze e-mail:

Your comment on Amtrak’s promotion is as close as I have seen you to writing as a lefty moral scold! We are not talking about Metro North’s New Haven line bar cars here. Before you go beating up on our feckless national rail carrier, you need to understand what GrandLuxe Rail Journeys is:  this is a cruise on rails (rather than water) in restored, luxury rail cars that are pulled behind Amtrak trains.  Prices for these journeys start at $789 and top out at $2,499.  Folks that willing to shell out this kind of dough for a rail cruise are not looking for a $100 booze voucher to get bombed. If you were, ahem, on a Holland America luxury ocean cruise (for a similar tariff) or you were riding first class on an 18 hour flight, wouldn’t you expect that drinks would be on the house? Click on this link and check out the photos – I think that you will agree this story is ridiculous, lazy reporting. Enjoy your cruise and, please, resist the free drink tickets.

The ship sailed without me. I may just be jealous of my colleagues sailing the high seas with free drinks and John Bolton. 

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