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GRAPHIC: Islamist Attacker Executes Parisian Cop During Charlie Hebdo Attack

In a graphic video of the attack on satirical newspaper’s Charlie Hebdo’s headquarters in Paris, two terrorists dressed in black wound a French police officer on the street before callously executing the man with a shot to the head.

In footage apparently shot from a nearby apartment balcony, two attackers emerge from a black car to fire at the police officer, who falls to the sidewalk. One attacker runs up to the fallen cop as the man raises his hands to plead for his life. The attacker fires into the officer’s head before running back to the car, which drives off slowly.

Two police officers were killed in the attack, along with ten journalists. The newspaper was given police protection after a 2011 fire-bombing of its office, but unconfirmed reports claim that police first arriving on the scene were unarmed and forced to retreat.


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