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Graves Proposes CR Rider to Delay Obamacare Until 2015

Representative Tom Graves of Georgia is proposing to attach a delay of Obamacare until 2015 to the government funding bill, and he has 61 cosponsors on board for the push.

House conservatives are rallying around a “big and bold” approach to the CR that is throwing the GOP’s planned strategy on the fiscal fights of this fall into flux. The group feels momentum from a slew of stories about Obamacare implementation in recent days and is fixated on trying to stop the law before the exchange markets open on Oct. 1.

“Beyond the Obama Administration’s major delays to Obamacare, it seems like every day there is a new headline about how the law is not ready for implementation. It’s simply wrong to roll the dice with this major law, enact protections for businesses and insurance companies, but force individuals and families to comply with all the mandates, fines and confusion,” Graves said in a written statement.

With Republicans heading into a pivotal closed-door meeting tomorrow at noon, the impressive list of supporters on board with Graves’ proposal shows there is significant heft to the “go big” approach. However, noticeably absent from the list are some of the conference’s most influential voices on the right, including Representatives Paul Ryan, Tom Price, Jeb Hensarling and Steve Scalise.

The full list of cosponsors is after the jump:  

  • Jim Jordan – OH
  • Mark Meadows – NC
  • Thomas Massie – KY
  • Mick Mulvaney – SC
  • Raul Labrador – ID
  • Justin Amash – MI
  • Ron DeSantis – FL
  • Marlin Stutzman – IN
  • Tom Reed – NY
  • Steve Southerland – FL
  • Larry Bucshon – IN
  • Susan Brooks – IN
  • Jeff Duncan – SC
  • Jim Bridenstine – OK
  • Tim Huelskamp – KS
  • Trey Gowdy – SC
  • Matt Salmon – AZ
  • Michele Bachmann – MN
  • Louie Gohmert – TX
  • David Schweikert – AZ
  • Steve Stockman – TX
  • Scott Garrett – NJ
  • Michael Burgess – TX
  • Trey Radel – FL
  • Trent Franks – AZ
  • Steve Chabot – OH
  • Paul Gosar – AZ
  • Tom McClintock – CA
  • Jim Sensenbrenner – WI
  • Ted Yoho – FL
  • Steve Palazzo – MS
  • Keith Rothfus – PA
  • Kerry Bentivolio – MI
  • Andy Harris – MD
  • Paul Broun – GA
  • Doug Collins – GA
  • John Fleming – LA
  • Tom Cotton – AR
  • Todd Rokita – IN
  • Doug Lamalfa – CA
  • Andy Barr – KY
  • Cynthia Lummis – WY
  • Steve Fincher – TN
  • Randy Neugebauer – TX
  • Luke Messer – IN
  • Roger Williams – TX
  • Bill Cassidy – LA
  • Richard Hudson – NC
  • Scott Perry – PA
  • Joe Wilson – SC
  • Dennis Ross – FL
  • Kevin Yoder – KS
  • Mo Brooks – AL
  • Chris Stewart – UT
  • Pete Olson – TX
  • Ted Poe – TX
  • Phil Gingrey – GA
  • Randy Hultgren – IL
  • Lynn Westmoreland – GA
  • Randy Weber – TX
  • Brad Wenstrup – OH

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