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A Great Christmas Gift

The National Review Wonder Book of Fairy Tales is an near-exact reproduction of a beautiful — exquisite! — 1917 volume of famous tales that entertained and instructed generations of children, before and since. We thought this classic book to be such a treasure, such a delight, in content and visually, that we decided to republish it, to afford today’s children the same joy as that experienced by young Americans nearly a century ago. Originally published for the Frederick A. Stokes Company, which was renowned for its high-quality children’s literature, The National Review Wonder Book of Fairy Tales was edited by the late Elisabeth Vernon Quinn, and includes over 125 lavish four-color and “wood cut” illustrations by the talented art team of Florence Choate and Elizabeth Curtis, all of them adorning dozens of classic tales. This big (360 pages, 8 by 10 inches) handsome hardcover book, copiously illustrated and printed on high-quality stock, will make a wonderful gift for any deserving child, and is a perfect addition to every family’s library. You’ll want a copy for your own home, and, with Christmas approaching, you’ll want more copies for those special young someones in your life. Get your copies direct from NR (these books are not available in stores) for the low price of $25 each, which saves you $5 off the cover price, and includes shipping and handling. Order here.

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