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Great Debate: Romney Wins

Riveting. A rare, high-quality debate. Romney was relaxed, competent, confident, more than up to the job. A tie would have added to Romney’s stature. This is a clear win. Obama held up his end, but only just. He was largely on the defensive and downright weak by the end. Much of this is because Romney so effectively called Obama to account for the mess he’s made. But Romney’s victory was more than a function of bad economic times. He mastered the issues and took it to Obama respectfully but forcefully. IPAB is a disaster for Obama, by the way. Keep on hammering it, and don’t let up. This debate will lead to a huge catharsis for the Republican base. An utterly frustrating campaign just morphed into a royal donnybrook. And we’re winning!

Stanley Kurtz is a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

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