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Great Folks

I count my blessings, many of which derive from working here at NR, and the people I meet by virtue of being so fortunately situated. Thousands of good and decent folks have taken our cruises these last ten years, and one of the most interesting couples I’ve met are Hal and Rebecca Bynum. If Hal’s name rings a bell, it should — the acclaimed songwriter’s cv includes “Lucille,” “Chains,” “Papa Was a Good Man,” “There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang,” “Nobody’s Fool,” and tons more. He’s the real deal, and you can read all about him at It was an pleasure just to meet Hal and Rebecca, and an honor when they gave me a copy of his new CD, “An American Prayer.” I heartily recommend it to all. This is a collection of beautiful poetry — the common man, in the vernacular, simple and sweet and deep, dead-on imagery — about faith, country, love, and redemption, rendered in a mesmerizing baritone drawl, perfectly set to music. It would be an understatement to call “An American Prayer” moving. Get it. The great places you go and the great people you meet on an NR cruise.


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