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Great Moments in The History of Crime

From the Daily Telegraph:

“A knifeman made shopkeepers laugh when he tried to hold them up wearing a plastic bag with eye holes on his head and carrier bags on his feet. One petrol station cashier told 24-year-old Simon Kent: “Bugger off, you look silly.” A shop assistant just said no when he demanded cash. When he returned to a village store he had robbed of £350 a few weeks earlier, he fled when his plastic bag mask blew off. He was thwarted in an off-licence raid when the cashier locked herself in a cupboard and he could not make her come out. Two assistants in a self-service store ran away and he could not open the till.Michael White, 29, his getaway driver, did not help by using his own car. Witnesses jotted down the registration number, Lewes Crown Court heard.Apart from the £350 robbery, at Broad Oak, East Sussex, only one of their other raids in Kent and Sussex was successful. Their haul was £5 and two packets of cigarettes.”


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