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Great Reagan Book

Our well-read colleague, Michael Potemra, wrote this is a recent issue about NR’s new collection on the Gipper:

Those of us who grew up reading National Review in the darkest days of the Cold War remember with fondness how consoling it was to be reassured, every two weeks, that there were some folks out there who understood the true dimensions of the conflict, and how important it was that the good guys win — not just deal, or trade, or coexist, but win. In this regard, NR’s history is bound up with the biography of its most famous subscriber: the late Ronald Reagan, whose summons to moral clarity ended up toppling an Evil Empire. Tear Down This Wall: The Reagan Revolution — A National Review History (Continuum, 197 pp., $12.95) is an anti-Communist nostalgist’s dream, a moving anthology of some of the best NR pieces about Reagan (and some by him), as well as his most important speeches. To read this book — which contains an amazing amount of material in its brief length — is not just to revel in a past that ended well, but to be strengthened for the struggles America will face in days to come.

Makes you want to run out and buy a copy. Do that: Barnes and Nobles has made a special effort offering the book, which can be purchased at any of their stores. Or you can purchase Tear Down This Wall right now, here at the B&N website.


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