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Great (Wholesome! ) Children’s Books You Must Give This Christmas!

Catholic Parent magazine raved about The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature thusly: It’s “excellent, wholesome, and certain to broaden the horizons (mental and spiritual) of children and adults who love them.” And: This “beautiful book of wonderful children’s stories by great writers that will delight, entertain and nourish your youngsters and teenagers. Described by the publishers as ‘a happy voyage back to the golden era of children’s literature,’ it is precisely that.” And one final glowing comment: it’s “lavishly illustrated.” The very same goes for our new titles, The National Review Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature, Volume Two and The National Review Treasury of Classic Bedtime Stories. All three books are precisely the kind of gifts you should give this Christmas to those special kids in your life. Don’t delay; order your copies (securely!) here: We ship them for FREE, and by UPS Ground if you want (for a small extra charge). We’ll even send them as gifts with a handsome announcement card at no extra cost! (Of course, there is an alternative to our books: you can always send one of those awful, cheesy toys–you know, the ones kids stop playing with after 5 minutes!–as a gift. On second thought, that’s really no alternative!)


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