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‘Greater Love Hath No Man’ — Amidst the Horror of Las Vegas, There Are Stories of Courage and Sacrifice

If you’re spending any time on Twitter this terrible day, you’re seeing a lot of people wondering what’s wrong with our country. But whenever great evil emerges, great good responds. This story stopped me in my tracks:

And here’s Sarah Huckabee Sanders, choking up as she recounts other acts of courage, including the sacrificial death of a young man from my wife’s home county. He died sheltering his wife from the attack:

These kinds of stories should challenge us all. Courage is only theoretical until put to the test, yet it’s remarkable the extent to which tragedy and fear have spawned bravery and selflessness. Imagine the shock and surprise of going from a moment of joy to a moment of terror, then imagine overcoming the instinct to save yourself and instead looking for another person to protect. That’s what these people did, and we must remember their sacrifice. 


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