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That Greek Woman’s Website

Apropos of my post last night about Laurie David’s latest addition to the ineffable Post-Toastie, reader Colin writes: “Leaving aside the fact that the best thing Mrs. David could do for the environment would be to trade her private jet for a first class ticket (a Gulfstream on one NY-LA trip burns roughly as much oil as a

decent-sized family car does over its entire lifetime), I am

thoroughly dissatisified with the frequency with which you and K-Lo

are posting links to that Greek woman’s website. Don’t you see

you’re playing into her game? The only way to make it stop is to stop

talking about it!”

Ah, Colin, would that it were so easy. K-Lo and I just can’t look away. It’s as if NPR and Air America Radio got together and staged a reality show online — a an online version of VH1’s “The Surreal Life,” with a weird assortment of celebrities and wannabes moving in together and pretending to be able to write, think and express views. Where else can you go to get Norman Mailer saying the White House planted the Koran-desecration story in Newsweek, Diane Keaton complaining that nobody is interested in an L.A. mayor’s race that turned out to very dramatic indeed, Richard Blow — oh, excuse me, Bradley — lecturing on ethics when he first came to fame firing people at George magazine for talking about John-John Kennedy’s death and then taking $600,000 to write a book about JFK Jr., and just SO much more.

There’s even good stuff on it — genuinely funny stuff by Danielle Crittenden about Washington excesses and the totally berserk Greg Gutfeld, who has decided to make a ritualistic habit of tormenting David Gergen. But listen, there’s always somebody to root for on even the worst reality show.


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