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Green Derb?

Whoa. My post on abrupt climate change is bringing in accusations that I

have converted to the cause of the eco-loonies and Global Warming scolds.

No I haven’t. I was just pointing out that creeping gradualism is not

always (is not, in fact, very often) Nature’s way. Ten years from now the

Earth’s climate could be radically different from what it is now. The

change might be caused by something we did, or something we didn’t do, or

something that has nothing to do with the human race at all. (The Ice Ages

happened without benefit of human agency, remember.)

Am I going to stop driving my car, buy one of those organic toilets, or

write in Ralph Nader for President in November? No, no, and Hell No. But I

am the NRO house pessimist. It’s my duty to point out this stuff.


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