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Greg Orman Signs Seen at Democrat HQ

Independent candidate Greg Orman has tried to shake off the label that he is the de facto Democratic candidate in the Kansas Senate race, promising to caucus with whichever party will help Kansas more, but photos show at least one Democratic office in the Sunflower State thinks of him like one of their own.

Photos reveal that a Democratic headquarters in Iola, Kan. is carrying “Orman for U.S. Senate” signs. In one photo, a sign for Democrats’ gubernatorial ticket of Paul Davis and lieutenant governor candidate Jill Docking can be seen in the foreground.

Additionally, a mailer paid for by the Kansas Republican Party appears to have been doctored to reflect Orman in a more bipartisan light. The original mailer reads “Greg Orman Delivers for Barack Obama and Harry Reid. Not Kansas” and urges voters to “Vote No” on Orman.

But an altered version of the mailer  says “Greg Orman Delivers. A Little from the Left. A Little from the right. 100% Kansas.”

Republicans have looked to cast Orman as the de facto Democrat in the race since he emerged as top threat to Republican incumbent Pat Roberts. After then-Democratic candidate Chad Taylor withdrew from the race last month, his supporters rallied behind Orman as the candidate with the best chance to knock off Roberts. In recent polls, Orman has captured a larger proportion of Democratic voters than independent voters, despite running as the independent candidate.

On Thursday, the Washington Free Beacon reported that a number of Democrat-linked firms are working with the Orman campaign

The Real Clear Politics average shows Orman leading by less than one point.