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Greta Van Susteren: GOP Senators’ Letter to Iran Is ‘Horrific’

Fox News host Greta Van Susteren says she thinks it was wrong for 47 Republican senators to send a warning letter to Iran, which advised the Iranian regime not to rely on any agreement with President Obama that did not have the approval of Congress.

“I think that letter was horrific,” Van Susteren said on ABC’s This Week. “It end-runs the president of the United States, which I think is terrible. . . . I likewise think it’s terrible that the president is trying to end-run the United States Senate.”

She continued to say that President Obama needed to follow the Constitution, but host George Stephanopoulos interjected and said that precedent exists for agreements that don’t involve congressional approval. Van Susteren responded, “I don’t care — there’s a lot of precedent for being slippery on the Constitution.”

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