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Grief On The Ground

Mark Cunningham on what’s wrong with the WTC memorial finalists:

The message to the ages is not about the love that the bereft feel, but about their grief.

About their pain, not about those they lost.

This is not what I want my loved ones to keep of me when I am gone.

This, too, must be said: Putting grief at the core – together with the cowardliness of some politicians, and the ego of others – has led to a rank dishonor to those for whom the place and manner of death did speak of their lives, and heroically so: the firefighters, cops and others whose lives were lost in the line of duty.

YES, others were heroes on that day, and the fact the “civilians” too spent their last minutes there does in some way link them to that spot. But how does it diminish any of the departed to properly honor what is particular to just a specific few?

It doesn’t – unless we see the memorial as being about the bereft – for it is wrong to set one person’s grief above another’s, at Ground Zero or anywhere.

One great issue remains: the honest sense of many, 9/11-bereft or not, that the site is a hallowed burial ground.


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