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Grilling It

We’ve got a lot of fun recipes in response to our recipe symposium (see the homepage); most received: grilling instructions. Here’s one:

This requires some equipment, but it’s the best Thanksgiving turkey we’ve

ever had. We use a Weber grill with the electric rotisserie accessory.

First, truss the (unstuffed!) turkey (no larger than 12 pounds) to the spit

with a substantial amount of cotton twine, especially the legs. Then rub

the entire bird with a large amount of fresh ground pepper, thyme, basil,

rosemary, and salt, mixed into olive oil. If the bird isn’t thoroughly

coated with the mix, put on more! Cook using the electric rotisserie on

medium indirect heat until interior temperature is 180, or as per Weber

instructions. Check periodically to make sure the bird doesn’t need more

spices, and that the twine is holding well. Grilled rotisserie turkey comes

out moist, rich, and delicious with the herb coating.


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