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A Grizzly Goes Down to Georgia

On August 9, Sarah Palin will drop into the Peach State to stump for Karen Handel, a GOP gubernatorial candidate. The visit will give Handel some eleventh-hour momentum:

According to the campaign of GOP candidate Karen Handel, Palin will team up with Georgia’s former secretary of state at a get out the vote campaign rally on Monday August 9. The next day Handel faces off against former Rep. Nathan Deal in the runoff contest.

Handel was endorsed before the July 20 primary by the former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee. Palin’s backing appeared to quiet some on the right who criticized Handel as not being conservative enough and appeared to help Handel rise in the final polls conducted before the primary.

Handel has also been endorsed by Mitt Romney and Gov. Jan Brewer (R., Ariz.).

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