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On The Ground…

In sunny and steamy Miami for the Republican Governor’s Association conference.  With help from Kate O’Beirne, I’ll be blogging throughout the three-day session.

The star of the show here, of course, is the RGA’s chairman (and Massachusetts’ governor) Mitt Romney.  While Romney will hand over the reins of the organization to Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue after this event, the next few days belong to Team Mitt.  He is hosting (or being feted at) a variety of events, public and private, leading up to his valedictory speech tomorrow night to this group of governors, lobbyists, reporters and staffers who must endure the Doral Golf Resort & Spa  in late November.

Romney, however, won’t be the only potential 2008 WH candidate here in South Florida.  Sen. John McCain has no role in the conference, but is hosting an invite-only reception “honoring our Republican governors” (most of them at least) tomorrow night at Don Shula’s resort across town.  To be helpful, the McCain 2008 Exploratory Committee (the formal host of the shindig) will provide shuttles to and fro the Doral and Shula’s.  McCain will no doubt be joined by many a GOP governor, many of whom are likely to back the senator over their RGA chair. 

Let the fun begin!

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