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‘Grover Norquist on Fiscal Cliff, Tax Pledges, & Being the GOP’s “Rasputin”’

Reason’s Nick Gillespie did an interesting interview with Grover Norquist about the fiscal cliff and the debt ceiling.


Worth noting during the interview is Norquist’s suggestion that the debt ceiling can be used to get more spending cuts down the road. Of course that only works if the fiscal cliff doesn’t include an increase to the debt ceiling, which President Obama’s proposals have. However, I can see Boehner agreeing to a one-year extension of the debt ceiling, since the Republicans have demonstrated in the past that they, too, like blank checks. The question is whether the House GOP caucus will accept such a deal. Obviously, there is no way around raising the debt ceiling, since there are no credible plans out there that don’t require more debt.

Norquist also explains why he thinks the president wants to go over the cliff in January: It would allow Obama to blame slow growth during his second term on the Republicans. I am not sure I believe that the president wants to go over the cliff, or that the Republicans would be blamed entirely, but it is an interesting theory.

The whole thing is worth listening to. 


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