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Gruber Agrees to Testify before Congress

Jonathan Gruber, the MIT professor and Obamacare architect behind a series of revealing and offensive comments on the health-care law, has agreed to testify before the House Oversight Committee next month. 

Gruber became notorious earlier this month after a series of videos surfaced showing him explaining how Obamacare was deliberately designed to be deceptive — and belittling the intelligence of American voters in the process.

Now the professor, along with Obama administration official Marilyn Tavenner, have both agreed to testify before Republican Darrell Issa’s Oversight Committee on December 9. As head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Tavenner is accused of inflating Obamacare enrollment numbers by around 400,000 by including dental plans in the total list of individuals now covered.

“The American people deserve honesty, transparency and respect from those who forced the federal government into their health care,” Issa wrote as part of a statement announcing the hearing last week. “I expect Mr. Gruber and Administrator Tavenner to testify publicly next month about the arrogance and deceptions surrounding the passage and implementation of Obamacare.”

Via the Hill.


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