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Gruber Refuses to Tell Congress Amount Gov’t Paid Him for Obamacare

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber repeatedly refused to answer how much money the government paid him for advice on crafting and explaining the Affordable Care Act — prompting incredulous responses from Republican lawmakers, who reminded the professor he was under oath.

GOP Oversight chairman Darrel Issa informed Gruber that due to a misfiled form, the committee did not receive the complete compensation data for his work on Obamacare. “Would you agree to supplement your Exhibit B, so that we would have . . . your state revenue that you would’ve also received, since ultimately it’s Affordable Care Act-related?” he asked.

“I’m sure my counsel would be happy to take that up with you,” Gruber replied, deferring to his lawyer.

“Actually I was asking would you agree to provide it,” Issa said, prompting Gruber to speak with his counsel before again refusing to answer.

“Why doesn’t he just tell us?” interjected Ohio Republican Jim Jordan. “How much money did you get from the state taxpayers and the federal taxpayers? He’s under oath, why doesn’t he tell us how much he got paid by the taxpayers? We don’t have to wait for him to send something to us, he should just be able to tell us.”

Jordan later pressed Gruber on the question again, but the professor refused to comply. “As I said, the committee could take that up with my counsel,” he repeated. 


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