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Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Put me down in the Kevin Williamson and Mario Loyola camp when it comes to the TSA. The Bush administration’s panicky response to four simultaneous aircraft hijackings — part of its overall fumbling of the War on Terror — has given us a monstrous entity (and employer of last resort) that effectively criminalizes 300 million American citizens in order to punish 19 dead hijackers. One of the things that made America into the world’s leading nation was the ease of travel from one coast to another and around the interior, which encouraged the free movement of people everywhere. Now, getting on an airplane is worse than a trip to the dentist, and for what? 

Somewhere in hell, Mohamed Atta is having the last laugh.

Michael Walsh — Mr. Walsh is the author of the novels Hostile Intent and Early Warning and, writing as frequent NRO contributor David Kahane, Rules for Radical Conservatives.


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