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Gummint Jobs!

A reader in the Grand Canyon State:

Hi Derb:  With regard to your endorsement of government jobs, Phoenix, Arizona just might be a worker’s paradise. A new listing of the top 25 employers published by the Phoenix Chamber of Commerce and the Phoenix Business Gazette [can’t find online — JD] shows 5 out of the top 10 largest employers are government agencies:  (#1) State of Arizona; (#3) City of Phoenix; (#4) Maricopa County; (#6) Arizona State University; (#8) U.S. Postal Service.

All of this in the land of Western rugged individualism, Barry Goldwater, etc. Instead of Valley of the Sun, perhaps Valley of the Sinecure would be more apt.

Perhaps so . . . but never mind that: What are the certification & licensing procedures for electricians like down there?