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Gun Buybacks: Still Pointless

David Hardy visited one in Tucson that offered $50 gift cards, and here’s what he found:


I took it as an opportunity to get rid of two old, broken, and probably irreparable guns. In the parking lot, a fellow bought one of them for cash, saying that he had some gunsmithing skills and thought he could fix it. The other . . . I said it was such a piece of junk that I couldn’t fairly ask $50, or even half that, I’d rather relieve the city of $50.

One fellow had a Browning shotgun, which he refused to sell for $100, but other than that everyone was talking about getting rid of their junk guns. The fellow ahead of me had an automatic pistol whose repair would cost more than it was worth; it had gathered dust in his gun safe for 20 years, and he was happy to be getting $50 for it.

Of course, gun buybacks across the globe have always been magnets for junk guns.


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