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Gun Crime Up after Stop-and-Frisk Ruling

After a federal judge ruled the NYPD’s “stop and frisk” policy is unconstitutional in August, gun-crime rates have gone up, the New York Post reports. From the date of the ruling to September 8, a 28-day period, there were 140 shootings throughout New York. In the same period last year there were only 124, making this year’s number a 13 percent increase.

There were also more gunshot victims: 150 in the same period last year compared with 164 this year, up 9 percent.

The ruling didn’t entirely end stop-and-frisk, but rather installed an independent federal monitor to oversee the policy department. An NYPD source told the Post that police are no longer being “proactive” because they fear being sued, a concern heightened by the recent passage of the Community Safety Act, which provides more opportunities for racial-profiling suits. As a result, “shootings are going through the roof now because perps are not afraid to carry a gun,” another Post source said.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg requested a stay of the judge’s ruling while the city appeals, but the request was denied last Tuesday.


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