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Gun-Shaped Pastry Leads to School Suspension for 7-Year-Old


In the latest episode of schools cracking down on students with play guns, a Maryland elementary school has suspended a second-grader for allegedly eating his breakfast pastry into the shape of a gun. Seven-year-old Josh Welch said he was actually trying to make it into a mountain, but it accidentally ended up looking like a gun.

Unfortunately for him, his teacher saw his now-dangerous danish, and it resulted in a visit to the principal’s office, a call to his father, and, ultimately, a two-day suspension. School officials also claimed Josh said “bang bang” while holding the pastry, but he denies doing so.

Josh and his father appeared on CNN this morning to share his side of the story, where he revealed important details like the pastry’s flavor (strawberry) and how he’ll be more careful with what he draws from now on (he likes to draw tanks and planes). While she admitted it was a “ridiculous” situation, host Soledad O’Brien posited that Welch’s fashioning may have violated the school’s code of conduct and later noted that the school could have felt a need to take action to prevent this sort of behavior from escalating. The rest of the panel just thought it was ridiculous.


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