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Guns to Mexico

Re: my Mexico post, this from a reader:

Just a bit of a correction for you.  The machinegun identified, apparently by Mexican authorities, in a widely disseminated photograph as an anti-aircraft weapon is in fact a WWII vintage .30 caliber (30.06) Browning weapon mounted on its original tripod.  In that configuration, it was a common infantry weapon, requiring three men to carry the weapon, tripod and ammunition.  The weapon pictured was not a .50 caliber Browning which is much larger and heavier, and because of its size and bulk was always mounted (and continues to be mounted for it is still in US service) on vehicles or aircraft, and with that tripod and barrel configuration would have been completely unsuitable for the anti-aircraft mission.

You are right in reporting that such weapons could not be legally acquired through US gun shops, and they have not been in US service for decades.  However, they are still used throughout the world, including South and Central America where many were provided through the US government, again, decades ago.

I’m assuming the pictures of the weapons are these. I was going by the news story, and wouldn’t know what I was looking at in any case. It could be, of course, that there are multiple weapons, but regardless, this suggests a new rallying cry for gun-grabbers — “Stop the smuggling of antique firearms to Mexico!”

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