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Gwb On Mtp – Continued

Missing from Russert’s point sheet:

(1) Federal role in education. The No Child Left Behind Act is shaping up

like this. Feds to states: “You can get federal moneys if your schools meet

this, this, and this condition.” States to their school administrators:

“Make sure you meet these federal conditions.” Administrators: “Without

cooking the books? Impossible!” States: “Who said anything about ‘Without

cooking the books’?” Cheating is rampant. Couldn’t this have been


(2) Homosexual “marriage.” What does GWB think of this idea? I have no

clue. Have you? I still have no clue. Would like to know. (Of course, on

the basis of this morning’s performance, it is highly probable that I would

STILL have no clue even if Russert had asked the question… but he should

have asked anyway.)

(3) Illegal immigrants. Did the conservative reaction to his Jan 7 proposal

on this issue, or the reactions he heard at the recent weekend retreat for

House Republicans, cause him to have any second thoughts? How hard will he

be pushing those proposals between now and November? Why does he keep

referring to Vicente Fox as a “friend of America” when Fox opposed us on

Iraq, will not cooperate in helping us apprehend Mexican criminals, will do

nothing to help us control illegal border crossings or drug trafficking,

gave only feeble support to the Free Trade Area of the Americas at the

recent Summit of the Americas, etc. etc. What, in the President’s opinion,

would an UNFRIENDLY Mexican government look like?

(4) Axis of evil. Since we now know, and the administration implicitly

admits, that our prewar intel on Iraq was pretty crappy, what confidence

does he have that our current intel on North Korea and Iran is any good? Is

good enough to be a guide for our policies toward these countries? Since we

were too bold in interpreting the prewar Iraq intel on WMD, is there a

possibility we may compensate by being too cautious on NK/Iranian WMD? With

nasty surprises to follow?

(5) The dollar. Does the President think the dollar is too strong, too

weak, or about right?

(6) China. This administration’s policy, like that of the previous

administration, has been to hope that increasing prosperity and the rise of

a consumerist middle class will push China towards political liberalization

and rational, constitutional government. Does the President see any sign

that this is happening? Is he happy with Chinese cooperation on trade

problems? On North Korea? On terrorism? Does he support bringing China

into the Group of Seven?


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