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Hagan Trails All GOP Challengers in New Poll

The latest Public Policy Polling survey highlights North Carolina’s Kay Hagan’ vulnerability as a red-state Democrat in this year’s midterms. For the first time, potential Republican candidates lead the first-term incumbent.

While the race remains a toss-up, the poll shows that Hagan’s support of Obamacare as well as the administration’s other policies continues to bring down her poll and approval numbers as the midterms near. North Carolina house speaker Thom Tillis, the leading Republican candidate in the last few polls, now leads Hagan after having been behind in the months prior; voters preferred Tillis to Hagan 43 percent to 42.

Additionally, she trails four other Republican candidates by one or two percentage points. Republicans’ leads over Hagan are small, but with PPP’s polling sample leaning +10 for Democrats, she may be in an even more difficult position.

Hagan also saw a four-percentage-point drop in her job-approval rating since December, from 43 percent to 39 percent.


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