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Hagan Won’t Say Whether Obama’s Helping or Hurting Her Reelection Chances

North Carolina’s Democratic senator, Kay Hagan, continued to evade questions about her relationship with President Obama during a recent local interview. Hagan, one of the most vulnerable Democrats this election cycle, wouldn’t say whether or not she thought the president’s policies would help her chances of reelection.

“Senator Hagan’s reply went on for another 45 seconds, talking about constituent services, job creation, and the need for both parties to work together,” Winston-Salem’s WXII reported. “But she never once answered the question — will the president help or hurt her campaign?”

Last month when the president delivered a public speech in North Carolina, Hagan remained in Washington and didn’t join him, which many saw as a political calculation. A new Rasmussen polled shows her trailing her likely Republican challenger Thom Tillis, the speaker of the North Carolina state house, by seven points.

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