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Hagee to Apologize to Catholics

From Jonathan Martin:

The Texas megachurch pastor whose past comments about the Catholic Church have caused headaches for John McCain for over two months will issue an apology to Catholics later today, according a top Christian conservative.

John Hagee, pastor of San Antonio’s Cornerstone Church, will send a letter to Catholic League President William Donahue expressing “deep regret for any comments that Catholics have found hurtful.”

“After engaging in constructive dialogue with Catholic friends and leaders, I now have an improved understanding of the Catholic Church, its relation to the Jewish faith, and the history of anti-Catholicism,” Hagee wrote in a letter running just over two pages. 

In a carefully-coordinated plan, Donahue is to accept the apology with a statement of his own.

The conservative leader who shared the letter said McCain’s campaign was not involved at all in encouraging Hagee to apologize.  


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