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Haggard Hype

Quite a few emails like this have come in, from a reader:


I won’t hit you for a rush to judgment on Ted Haggard, but it’s funny

how quickly this has run the news cycles. I’ve been a Southern

Baptist for over 30 years and am currently a professor at a Christian

(also SBC) liberal arts university and I’ve barely heard of the guy.

He is no Rick Warren or Billy Graham and he seems to represent what

Evangelicals have always feared in Pentecostals (Haggard;’s

background) — too much heart — not enough head (leaving gay

prostitute jokes aside). This guy has very little street cred outside

of the flock — he is “inside baseball” and it seems to me his

influence is highly overrated both by him and the media — for obvious

reason (hubris and election bias).

I think this guy has done it before and I’ll assume his guilt because

of the nature of the charges. Meth and gay sex are things you work up

to aren’t they’t? Who says — “I’m feeling tempted to sin, I’m gonna

get me some crank and have me some anonymous gay sex with the guy that

sells me the dope?” This guy has had this building.