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Haiti: a Modest Proposal

In following the awful mess in Haiti, I have been baffled by the silence of

the “open borders” immigration people here in the US. The solution to

Haiti’s problems is perfectly simple: our Immigration Service should issue

them all with Green Cards.

Since Haiti’s per capita annual income is only $480, I imagine practically

the entire population counts as “willing workers” under Pres. Bush’s

definition. No doubt there are lots of “willing employers” in the USA –

willing, I mean, to employ Haitians for, oh, three or four times that $480

per annum. Travel shouldn’t be a problem — one reads that the land has

been stripped bare of all vegetation, but there must be enough old wood

lying around to provide rafts for all. It’s only 570 miles to the Florida

Keys. Or perhaps those willing employers could provide transport?

And Haiti’s population is a mere 8.3m. It would hardly notice in the USA.

So… why am I the only person suggesting this? Where is the Wall Street

Journal? Where is La Raza? Where is Vicente Fox? Where is John Podhoretz?

Where is our President?


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