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Hal Riney. R.I.P.

One of my regular NRO correspondents is in the ad game, and wants to know why there’s been no mention of the passing of Hal Riney around here. That’s a good question.

Hal Riney was one of the most famous advertising execs of the 20th century, you can read his obit in AdAge here. Riney was the genius behind Reagan’s “Morning in America” and “Bear in the Woods” ads for his ‘84 reelection campaign — Hal even did the voiceover. Hal was also responsible for the immortal Bartles and Jaymes ad campaign in the 80s (which I’ll always have a soft spot for because the guy that played Bartles in the ads was in reality just humble cattle rancher from my hometown in Oregon).

Interestingly, Hal was a Democrat but he had the sense to back a good president when he saw one. He’ll be remembered.