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Halloween on Capitol Hill

From a former Hill mom happy to be back home:

Kathryn,  that picture is nothing new to the few Republican families who live on Capitol Hill.  I can tell you true horror stories about the welcoming liberals who live up there.  A few years back on Halloween one house had a sign up that said “No Candy for Little Republicans.”  I once made the mistake of letting my two kids wear “W” shirts I picked up at the 2004 convention.  The “W” shirt was a superman shirt but instead of an S in the middle there was a W.  My boys loved them since they thought it was Superman.  I thought it was pretty subtle.  Not for the women at the park.  We were accosted by fellow Moms.  Insults were thrown not only at my little ones but at me and my parenting abilities.  

My most favorite was when our car was bumper stickered!  Someone actually went into our alley, into our driveway and placed anti-Republican bumper stickers ON our car.  We didn’t have any pro-Republican signs up so I have to assume it was one of our very kind neighbors who actually knew us.