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Hamas Al Qaeda Link

The fact that Al Qaeda is calling for revenge for Yassin’s killing demonstrates how wars cause everyone to choose sides. That’s how wars work. Much like Qaeda’s interest in American failure in Iraq, it was in evitable that the terrorist group most dedicated to destroying one democracy would would become a natural ally for the terrorist group dedicated to destroying us. This doesn’t mean that there’s active cooperation between the two organizations. But it does mean that al Qaeda understands that Hamas sympathizers are natural recruits to be al Qaeda sympathizers. Opponents of America’s friendship to Israel will no doubt claim that this opportunistic joining of forces — at least rhetorically — could have been avoided if we took the position that Israel’s fate is of no concern to us whatsoever. But if that doesn’t fit Churchill’s definition of appeasement — i.e. feeding your friends to the alligator in the hope he’ll feed you last — I don’t what does.


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