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Hands Off Dr. Ron!

Greetings from Columbia on the morning after the debate.  I think every viewer who voted in the Fox and MSNBC internet polls has also sent me an e-mail telling me I’m an idiot for criticizing Ron Paul:

You are one stupid bought-and-paid-for motherf—er. I hope you’re around to see the American people elect Ron Paul the next president of (what’s left of) the United States.  You’re so corrupt you can’t even recognize an honest man!  Go to hell!

—–Mr. York, you are either truly out of touch with reality, or you like most of the MSM are merely toeing the corporate line, and that line at this point is demonizing Dr Ron Paul. If and when the media frees itself of corporate “guidance” the likes of you will be relegated to writing the blurbs for Harlequin novels. I’m not familiar with your work, but I am now familiar with your  name and it will forever be associated with incompetence in my mind.—–Ron Paul had the courage to say what nobody, nobody else would; that American foreign policy is coming back to haunt us. There is no way American actions could have negative repercussions. Every action that America takes is in the best interests of all parties. (Hint: sarcasm) Get off your status quo soapbox and open your eyes.

—–Finally, after all of these years, a Republican with courage enough to speak the truth is running for President. I’ve just requested a voter’s registration change form so that I can vote for Mr. Paul in the primary. If he doesn’t win the primary, in the general, I’ll vote for him as a write in.

—–Why the full frontal attack against Congressman Paul?  Look at the numbers — he is FAR from out!  Check the MSNBC and FOX internet polls.  There is great support for a Libertarian like Ron Paul.  I hope the RNC kicks him out, so he can run as the first viable Libertarian or Independent presidential candidate, and win.  There is a large ‘anti-status quo’ movement going on right now in the US.  We no longer want the ‘pre-picked’ candidates.  We want one who will stand for the Constitution, and not back down in the face of adversity. Standing up to someone like Giuliani and speaking truth to power last night took guts.  He’s the only candidate, in my opinion, who is suited to truly turning our country around.  If Paul gets booted from the RNC, it will only generate more support for his candidacy.  Rep. Paul was not being ‘defensive,’ but trying to plow his way through media ‘doublespeak’ to get his true message and thoughts across.  I’m very disappointed in your coverage of the debate.  No one is listening to Romney, McCain, Giuliani — they are irrelevant, as is your article.