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Hanging Out at the Corner

Why do people come to NRO for news and analysis? Today’s Corner may have the obvious answer. Look who’s written items since Andrew Stuttaford filed the day’s first post at 12:25 a.m.:

Kathryn Lopez, Nina Shea, Jonah Goldberg, Peter Robinson, Michael New, Stanley Kurtz, Victor Davis Hanson, Shannen Coffin, Paul Marshall, Yuval Levin, Iain Murray, Steven F. Hayward, Andrew Stiles, Dan Foster, Michael Walsh, Matt Shaffer, Rich Lowry, Kate Trinko, Andy McCarthy, Mark Krikorian, Charlie Szrom, Dana Perino, Lou Dolinar, and Jonathan Foreman.

1927 Yankees. Or for Shannen’s sake, the 1978 Yankees.


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