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Hanging Stockbrokers

A reader:

“Derb—So Ahmedinejad wants to solve his stock market crisis by hanging

a few stockbrokers? Isn’t that pretty close to what Giuliani did? And

you like Giuliani, don’t you? So what’s the beef?”

Well, let’s see. First off, what Rudy did — having traders frogmarched

off the trading floor in handcuffs — was pretty awful, I certainly

agree. As an earnest of my agreement, I offer Chapter 53 of “Fire from

the Sun,” where I am…

less than kind to the Giuliani character.

Rudy has done a great deal more than that, though, and you have to take

a public man in the round. We shouldn’t forget the 1980s Giuliani

Terror on Wall Street (there’s a good account in Dan Fischel’s book), but I’d still be sporting GIULIANI-SCHWARZENEGGER ‘08 bumper stickers

if I could get anyone to make some up for me.

Oddly, no-one at NR seems willing to help.


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