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Hannan and Fund Sign on NR’s 2015 Alaska Cruise

Everyone’s favorite Euroskeptic this side of Nigel Farage (it’s hard to get on the other side of him), Daniel Hannan, has finally given the aye-aye — he will be joining us (which should include — you! and your family!) this July 18th to the 25th on the National Review 2015 Alaska Summer Cruise.

We’re ecstatic. Doubly, because our colleague and pal John Fund has also agreed to sail with us (our phenomenal line-up of speakers includes supply-side champion Arthur Laffer, ace economists Stephen Moore and Kevin Hassett, former congresswoman Michele Bachmann, former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, pollster Pat Caddell, National Affairs editor Yuval Levin, editor Katie Pavlich, top social commentators Naomi Schaefer Riley, James Lileks, and Andrew Klavan, military/security experts Pete Hegseth and John Hillen, leading conservative academic Daniel Mahoney, and NR’s editorial All Stars: Jonah Goldberg, Rich Lowry, Jay Nordlinger, Ramesh Ponnuru, Kevin Williamson, Reihan Salam, Eliana Johnson, Jim Geraghty, Rob Long, Roman Genn, Kathryn Lopez, Charles Cooke, John J. Miller, Patrick Brennan, Jillian Melchior, Kat Timpf, Andrew Johnson, Joel Gehrke, and Katherine Connell) aboard Holland America Line’s luxurious ms Westerdam, as we visit Seattle, Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, Glacier Bay, and lovely Victoria, BC.

Hundreds have reserved their cabins, and a great time (seminars, panels, Night Owls, smokers, receptions, intimate dining!) is in store. What about you — when will you sign up? How about now, or at least by midnight on March 31st? If you do, you’ll receive, direct from Holland America (which we’re happy to pass along the special incentive) a $50 cabin credit (that’s per-person, limited to 2 people per cabin). And if you refer others to come on the cruise (like your kids, your pals, that uncle who might remember you when he writes up his will), and they do come, they will receive the same credit — and you will receive an additional $50.

Get complete information about the National Review 2015 Alaska Summer Cruise​, and reserve your stateroom (prices begin at only $2,299 a person, based on double occupancy, and $3,399 for a “single” cabin) at

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