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Hannan in the House

One of the treasures of the English-speaking political world is visiting Tampa. If he were an American, he would be a star of the Republican party — surely a featured speaker at this convention. As it is, he is a British writer, Tory, and member of the European Parliament. If you don’t read his blogposts for the Telegraph, you are missing something delicious and instructive. And if you miss the National Review cruise in November — you will miss the chance to experience Dan Hannan in person, for he will once more be a guest of ours.

The presence of Hannan and other Brits here in Tampa is a reminder that Anglo-American liberalism — “liberalism” in the old sense — is real, if embattled. I think of an old slogan: “Now More than Ever.” We need this liberalism — a Churchillian, Reaganite, Thatcherite, Hannanesque liberalism — more than ever.