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Hannan on Receiving End of Another Full-Bloom Brexit-Hate Interview

British MEP Daniel Hannan, fresh from the attempted interview-mugging by CNN’s Crazy Christiane Amanpour, faced off with another Euro-journalist who was infuriated by the UK Brexit vote and Hannan’s role as a “Leave” leader.  Relentlessly accusing the campaign and Hannan himself of misleading and deceiving voters, Deutsche Welle reporter Tim Sebastian went to Defcon One immediately in his thoroughly obnoxious interview with the Tory lawmaker:

It’s all there: Don’t let him answer the question, accuse, make outrageous demands (paraphrasing: ”On what page of your book did you say that?”), press him to justify what others said, and the like. I didn’t watch the interview all the way to the very end — it may be quite possible that Sebastian even asked if Hannan still beat his wife. Hell hath know fury like an elitist scorned.


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