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Hans Blix on the NIE


Blix said the U.S. agencies likely acted because they heard «all the rhetoric of World War III _ and either we have the Iranian bomb or we have the bombing of Iran.

The report on Iran followed an inaccurate 2002 assessment by U.S. intelligence of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction program.

«The intelligence services got a lot of blame for the invasion of Iraq that they had exaggerated what they saw ,» Blix said. «This time they do not want to carry the responsibility.

He said he didn’t know what evidence the U.S. intelligence agencies have that proves the Iranians abandoned their weapons program.

Blix, who formerly headed the International Atomic Energy Agency, said that’s further than the IAEA has gone.

«The IAEA doesn’t say there is nothing. They simply say we have not seen any evidence of it,» he said. «Proving the negative is very difficult if at all possible.


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