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Happy Earth Day

Normally, I notice new national holidays by opening up my Google browser and seeing the cute drawing, but this morning, my two younger daughters, who attend an Orthodox Jewish day school that requires that they wear uniforms, appeared at breakfast in various shades of green and brown — decidedly not the usual colors. Yes, in addition to American holidays and Jewish holidays, apparently we are now celebrating politically correct events, in this case with a day of “projects” and indoctrination.

It was early, so I spared them the usual rant about how I send them to this school to avoid this sort of thing. Who wants to see eyes roll at 7 a.m.? But frankly, if we are going all pagan, I’d prefer a nice May Day celebration with a vigorous dance around the maypole to appease the gods of fertility — a far more important thing, not to mention more in keeping with Jewish values, than more lessons in “green” living and morality tales about the evils of human life on the planet.

But perhaps there isn’t enough corporate money in that? Or tax credits?


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