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Happy, Happy Birthday, Bennett

Regular Corner readers know I love some of our talk-radio friends dearly. They’re on day after day, working to be Right, set people straight, and entertain and learn along the way. Rush will always be the king — he’s got some kind of glorious Right magic that keeps him on top of his game again and again for which conservatism continues to owe him a debt. And part of the Limbaugh success story is the legacy of talkers he’s inspired and blazed a trail of talent for: Sean, Laura, Mark

And Bill. Not all of us have a successful first act. But husband, father, former academic, D.C. hand, Cabinet secretary … Bill Bennett has had many lively acts, the latest his sideshow (as he continues writing books, providing some Right gravitas to CNN, among other things) as a radio talk-show host. The show is smart, good fun (and that’s not just because I’m a frequent guest!). And this week it celebrates its fourth year on the air. If you’re in D.C., you can now listen to it on your car radio on WTNT. The rest of us can listen to it on Sirius or live-streamed on the web (the latter is what I do, via KRLA).

I look forward to waking up to Morning in America for years to come, with that great brew they Bill, Seth, Lloyd, and Brian serve up every morning. Kant, Not Cant.

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